This web site allows you to connect to experts on various topics. If you are an expert on some topic, login using your Google account and share your expertise using real-time video call.

Start Talking to an Expert

  1. Login using your Google account.
  2. Search experts by topics: e.g., python programming
  3. Choose an expert, and click to talk, or schedule an appointment in his/her calendar.
  4. Provide rating and review feedback for an expert after talking to him/her.

Get Started as an Expert

  1. Login using your Google account.
  2. Edit your profile, expertise, etc.
  3. Optionally edit your calendar to open talk invitations from other users.
  4. Go to your video office, so that other users can talk to you now!

Get Paid as an Expert (coming soon)

You can get paid for giving expert advices. Just signup for Google Checkout's merchant account, decide your hourly rate, and put the "buy" button on your profile. Visitors who need your advice, will need to pay you via Google Checkout to schedule an appointment, and get service. All the money matters are between the expert and the visitor using Google Checkout, and our web site is not part of it and we do not take any commission!